Making greener buildings

Making your home ready for the future means using less energy, and making sure what you do use is from renewable low carbon sources. Getting this right however doesn’t just mean you’re doing your bit to save the planet and reducing your energy and utility bills, you’ll also be living in a healthier and more comfortable home.

It is important to note as you enter the Bradfords house to look at what you can do, that your house is a system. All the measures highlighted here are individually beneficial, but the real benefit comes from using them as part of the whole system and ensuring that your approach is one of ‘whole house’.

Sourcing materials with the environment in mind

A material might be incredibly good at reducing carbon emissions or energy consumption through the life of a building, but at Bradfords we know we need to make sure that its sourcing is every bit as sustainable. We know the integrity and transparency of our supply chain matters, so we do due diligence on all the products we supply, and will provide you with all the information we can.

How we’re making Bradfords greener

Whilst we’re helping you to reduce the environmental impact of your home, at Bradfords we’re busy making sure that we do our bit too. Using the global GRI framework to develop our top level ESG strategy, at the coal face we’ve already started our decarbonisation, reduction in energy consumption and waste, and are challenging our suppliers to provide us with the most environmentally sustainable materials and products for your projects. To date we have:

  • Replaced nearly half our lights with low energy LEDS
  • Started our electric forklift programme, with the first to arrive in our branches in 2022
  • Switched to an electricity supply which is sourced only from renewables
  • Replaced all our printers with more energy efficient and sustainably manufactured machines which use less paper and ink
  • Nominated sustainability champions in our business alongside developing a comprehensive education programme for both our teams and customers on the topic of environmental sustainability
  • Won the inaugural Builders’ Merchants Federation sustainability award for our efforts

We’re committed to doing the right thing, and to helping our communities do so too.